New Wilma XL 4


Wilma XL 4, the famous wilma 4 pot system just got even bigger, now with a 75 litre tank and 25 litre plant pots the wilma xl 4 can handle even the biggest of plants, a best seller!

Wilma XL is the next generation of this popular drip irrigation system.

The Wilma XL uses 25L pots and improved spacing to help increase the potential for bigger yields.

The ever successful Wilma has grown up and is the product
for growers looking to grow big plants in big pots the easy way.

- 25 litre pots
- Handy nutrient mixing tap
- Improved spacing between pots

Tank volume = 75 litres

Dimensions = 900mm x 900mm x 220mm (complete without pots)

Tank Dimensions = 870mm x 870mm x 220mm

Tray dimensions = 900mm x 900mm x 80mm

Pot locator dimensions = 265mm x 265mm

Base of 25ltr pot = 255mm x 255mm

Gi Grow Rotating Plant System!!



Available in 144, 240 and 336 Plant Version. The GI Grow is made of the same high-quality stainless steel as kitchen implements. This very solid garden can accommodate (depending upon your choice of system options and possible configurations) from 48 to 336 cultivated plants in the 4″ rock wool in the cube. It is VERY EASY TO USE and its output is beyond compare due to the high oxygenation in the cubes because there is no over watering. This system is suitable for various plant populations. For very large plants, you can insert a cube in the tray every 8″ to 12″ in the slab. Our ”CUBE LOCK” system allow an easy rock wool cube insertion wherever in the slab and at the same time keeping very tight those precious cubes. The Ultimate Growing System!

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New Range of Multi Pot Auto pot systems 12 – 48 pot!


New Range of Multi Pot Auto pot systems 12 – 48 pot!

The famous “auto pot” has just realised its larger scale growing systems which now goes up  to a 48 pot individual fed pot system.

Autopot pot has been around since the dawn of this game and is a simple yet firm and effective auto feeding system

AutoPot 48 pot kit inc tank

A best seller, the AutoPot has been redesigned to help you get even more from your plants!

AutoPot 48 pot kit inc tank, is a great auto feeding system for 48 plants and is also add more pots to it!

The changes made to the AutoPot include:

The pots have been changed from round to square.

This provides extra space for your plants to develop a large root system, encouraging fast growth and good overall development.

The famous ‘AquaValve’ now has small weights attached to it, allowing you to increase or decrease the flow level.

This ensures your plants always have a sufficient amount of nutrient and avoids the reservoir from clogging.

As well as all this, the AutoPot still comes with all of the other benefits you would expect:

An automatic supply of water and nutrients, which means less maintenance for you.

With the AutoPot, you can get convenience – you away for the weekend and still be sure to get great results.

The AutoPot creates a wet/dry cycle to draw oxygen to the root zone for fast and healthy growth.

The AutoPot is a plant-driven system, which means there’s no need for electricity or pump.

It’s ideal for a range of plant types.

It’s easily expandable by adding more pots

 Whats included

48 x pot tray and lid
48 x 15l sqaure pot
48 x auto valves
piping and conntectors
1 x 400l flexi tank ( can be flat packed to fit in attic and small spaces )

Available from click here for more info, price is £999.99

The PI Wall – PI Technics



The Pi Wall – Pi-Technics Each plant has its own purpose-built, patented 3.5 litre container, which is equipped with drainage holes and a basket to prevent blockages caused by the growing medium. The generous volume of these patented growing containers allows the plants to develop a strong root system. This improves the plants’ ability to absorb nutrients. This method results in larger and more robust plants than systems that use under-dimensioned containers.

AGROWTENT New Vertical Grow System



AGROWTENT New vertical  grow system is an all new vertical growing system buily in and confied within a grow tent. The AgrowTent is the ideal solution for starting production in areas with limited space. The tent’s interior measures 65.5″ (L) x 34″ (W) x 83″ (H). You will be able to place up to 140 plants on 14 rockwool cubes. Installing the AgrowTent Double System provides you with enough space to place 280 plants on 28 rockwool cubes.

You will be amazed at the solid new tent poles, featuring superior thickness! The tent is also mounted on wheels, making it easy to move and close together if using the dual system. Multiple openings and ventilation options make it easy to mix and match with your current ventilation equipment according to your needs. Double bottom. Reduces water damage in your tent and makes it easy to clean.