New Wilma XL 4


Wilma XL 4, the famous wilma 4 pot system just got even bigger, now with a 75 litre tank and 25 litre plant pots the wilma xl 4 can handle even the biggest of plants, a best seller!

Wilma XL is the next generation of this popular drip irrigation system.

The Wilma XL uses 25L pots and improved spacing to help increase the potential for bigger yields.

The ever successful Wilma has grown up and is the product
for growers looking to grow big plants in big pots the easy way.

- 25 litre pots
- Handy nutrient mixing tap
- Improved spacing between pots

Tank volume = 75 litres

Dimensions = 900mm x 900mm x 220mm (complete without pots)

Tank Dimensions = 870mm x 870mm x 220mm

Tray dimensions = 900mm x 900mm x 80mm

Pot locator dimensions = 265mm x 265mm

Base of 25ltr pot = 255mm x 255mm

700w LED Grow Light




LED Grow Lights are nearly 98% efficient for chlorophyll production. They also emit very little heat and can produce savings of upto 90% in running costs compared to HP Sodium type lighting. Nearly 100% of the light an LED grow light emits is completely absorbed by the plant!

Light is very important to plants as it is the source of their energy. Plants contain chlorophylls, that are the energy trapping molecules which use the blue (vegetative growth) and red (flowering) wavelenghs of the light spectrum. Green light is reflected which is why most plants appear green.

A 700w led grow light will replace standard 2000w-2400w HPS (HID) grow light; Ideal for all phases of plant growth, and works well with any indoor garden, whether hydroponics or soil based Lifetime over 80,000 hours, and uses only the exact spectrums required for plant photosynthesis.

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