New Plant Magic PYTH Tabs




Growers country wide now start to panic due to higher temperatures. The risk of getting Pythium for many forces them to reduce their harvest or give up altogether.

PYTH Tabz not only sterilizes the water on initial contact but remains working for you for 7 – 10 days giving more peace of mind that any spores evident in the grow room are instantly killed upon contact with the sterilized water.

Benefits of using Pyth Tabs

PYTH Tabz is 99.99% active against Pythium. These Tabz sterilize the entire water system giving the grower peace of mind that all fungi and bacterial pathogens are killed and no longer evident in the water.
Kills Pythium 99.99% of the time
Sterilises Water
Works for 7-10 Days

PYTH Tabz are offered in a course of 10 tablets. This will give approx. 2 weeks of vegetative and 8 weeks of flowering protection.

Each Tabz will treat up to 120 litres of water.

If using say 2 x GT604 (NFT) then one tab will treat both these tanks @ £2.50 per tank per week to the grower. Based on £50 rrp pack price

Not a bad price to ensure NO Pythium will be attacking their crop

Gi Grow Rotating Plant System!!



Available in 144, 240 and 336 Plant Version. The GI Grow is made of the same high-quality stainless steel as kitchen implements. This very solid garden can accommodate (depending upon your choice of system options and possible configurations) from 48 to 336 cultivated plants in the 4″ rock wool in the cube. It is VERY EASY TO USE and its output is beyond compare due to the high oxygenation in the cubes because there is no over watering. This system is suitable for various plant populations. For very large plants, you can insert a cube in the tray every 8″ to 12″ in the slab. Our ”CUBE LOCK” system allow an easy rock wool cube insertion wherever in the slab and at the same time keeping very tight those precious cubes. The Ultimate Growing System!

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New Product! New Flexible Grow media and plant pot trays


New Product! New Flexible Grow media and plant pot trays

Great new product for squezing in to tents, attics and tight spaces, also removes a lot of our  mail order restrictions so great all round!

About the new Nutriculture 1m tray and 1.2m tray.

.2m Flexible Grow Tray An innovative solution for grow rooms with restricted access points, these flexible trays fit where other trays can’t go. Can be used as a catchment tray or to keep work spaces clean, these durable trays are manufactured in-house, ensuring high quality.

Available in 1m and 1.2m square sizes, they are an ideal fit for the most popular sizes of hobby tent.

Great for international and local poastage as it folds in to a much smaller item

From £33.99 available from hg-hydroponics

Green Plant Massive



Green Planet Massive
Massive Bloom Formulation from Green Planet is a flowering additive designed to give you a massive increase in the dry weight of your crops! Green Planet Massive is a new, high quality flowering additive. Made with the best ingredients on the market this  perfect blend of L-Form amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzyme activators, triacontanol and carbohydrates will do wonders for your yields by increasing the size and density of your buds! In testing many individuals reported that Green Planet Massive Bloom Formulation increased the dry weight of their crop by up to – and in some cases over 30%!

The PI Wall – PI Technics



The Pi Wall – Pi-Technics Each plant has its own purpose-built, patented 3.5 litre container, which is equipped with drainage holes and a basket to prevent blockages caused by the growing medium. The generous volume of these patented growing containers allows the plants to develop a strong root system. This improves the plants’ ability to absorb nutrients. This method results in larger and more robust plants than systems that use under-dimensioned containers.