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Growers country wide now start to panic due to higher temperatures. The risk of getting Pythium for many forces them to reduce their harvest or give up altogether.

PYTH Tabz not only sterilizes the water on initial contact but remains working for you for 7 – 10 days giving more peace of mind that any spores evident in the grow room are instantly killed upon contact with the sterilized water.

Benefits of using Pyth Tabs

PYTH Tabz is 99.99% active against Pythium. These Tabz sterilize the entire water system giving the grower peace of mind that all fungi and bacterial pathogens are killed and no longer evident in the water.
Kills Pythium 99.99% of the time
Sterilises Water
Works for 7-10 Days

PYTH Tabz are offered in a course of 10 tablets. This will give approx. 2 weeks of vegetative and 8 weeks of flowering protection.

Each Tabz will treat up to 120 litres of water.

If using say 2 x GT604 (NFT) then one tab will treat both these tanks @ £2.50 per tank per week to the grower. Based on £50 rrp pack price

Not a bad price to ensure NO Pythium will be attacking their crop

Plant magic Evolution – Growth Enhancer

plant magic evolution

The latest product form plant magics range of products

Plant Magic Evolution!

New product from plant magic – evolution. used to speed up vegative and growth stage and creates lots of new shoots, also helps the flower stage progress better

- Stimulates new growth

- Use during vegetative stage

- Prepares plant ready for abundant fruits and flowers

- promotes new growth and shoots

- Improves photosynthesis

- improves health of plant leading to larger yields

- Contains, bio stimulants, natural plant hormones, polysaccharide sugars, vitamins, trace elements

- Contains amino, humic and fulvic acids

FOLIAR Use once per week throughout vegetative stage until day 14 of flower cycle

Now available online and in store in all sizes

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