Latest News and Whats Going On At HG!


July News Update from Hg hydroponics, we have had lots of new and exciting things going on at hg for the past few months. Below we have listed a few new bullet points on whats been going on at HG

- New Staff

- Completely new website lay out and design ( allowing customers to find products much easier)

- Eurolux 600w budget light kit is only £59.99 this month usually £89.99 while stocks last

- We have a brand new loyalty reward scheme for regular and returning customers, the more you spend the more points you get that can be redeemed and will give you a discount on your next order, all you have to do is create an account at the checkout.

- We have a new distributor of our grow cabinets –

We have over 30 items at clearance prices at the moment ( check out our clearance section )

We have a Brand new “budget and kit” Section for customers who need the best prices over the best quality and for those who want to get going on a smaller budget and are unsure as to what they need.

contact-us status-25811-55704

- NEW LIVE CHAT – this is now on every week day from 10am – 10pm!

We Currently have £100 off our mini stealth cabinet in july only.

We have a brand new registered email – ( our old ones are all diveretd to the new address )

We have provided a one off 10% discount code included in this email that can be used for the next 7 days on any items except imports and grow cabinets.

Thats just some of the great new things going on at Hg this month, pay us a visit to our site and blog for our full updates, special offers and other new projects that are going on

 Have a Great week, The HG TEAM.

0845 643 5523

Eurolux 600w HPS Light Kit £59.99


 Eurolux Budget 600w hps light kit Our cheapest 600w light kit. we know other companys offer even cheaper options but we are NOT willing to sell anything less than quality or products we wouldnt use ourselves.

The Eurolux 600w magnetic ballast comes with a 1 year guarantee
cool running
Comes with  eurolux 600w lamp
Comes with eurowing reflector with 3m cord

This light is from a premium uk supplier, it is not a cheap chinese imported ebay light.

Now £59.99 July Offer!


Check Out Our New Budget Section!



HG Kit “OFFERS” A variety of hydroponics, soil and coco grow room packages and kits, nutrient packages, ventilation packages, light packages, and much more all at budget prices! Check Out the new budget section on our website

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New Range of Multi Pot Auto pot systems 12 – 48 pot!


New Range of Multi Pot Auto pot systems 12 – 48 pot!

The famous “auto pot” has just realised its larger scale growing systems which now goes up  to a 48 pot individual fed pot system.

Autopot pot has been around since the dawn of this game and is a simple yet firm and effective auto feeding system

AutoPot 48 pot kit inc tank

A best seller, the AutoPot has been redesigned to help you get even more from your plants!

AutoPot 48 pot kit inc tank, is a great auto feeding system for 48 plants and is also add more pots to it!

The changes made to the AutoPot include:

The pots have been changed from round to square.

This provides extra space for your plants to develop a large root system, encouraging fast growth and good overall development.

The famous ‘AquaValve’ now has small weights attached to it, allowing you to increase or decrease the flow level.

This ensures your plants always have a sufficient amount of nutrient and avoids the reservoir from clogging.

As well as all this, the AutoPot still comes with all of the other benefits you would expect:

An automatic supply of water and nutrients, which means less maintenance for you.

With the AutoPot, you can get convenience – you away for the weekend and still be sure to get great results.

The AutoPot creates a wet/dry cycle to draw oxygen to the root zone for fast and healthy growth.

The AutoPot is a plant-driven system, which means there’s no need for electricity or pump.

It’s ideal for a range of plant types.

It’s easily expandable by adding more pots

 Whats included

48 x pot tray and lid
48 x 15l sqaure pot
48 x auto valves
piping and conntectors
1 x 400l flexi tank ( can be flat packed to fit in attic and small spaces )

Available from click here for more info, price is £999.99

The New Neutralizer Kit!!




The Neutralizer is a highly elaborate and secret formula of essential oils. Thanks to its patented system of heat transmission, The EME achieves and maintains the exact temperature required in order to evaporate  It therefore manages to transform our secret blend of essential oils into volatile particles which are capable of neutralising a myriad of foul odours.

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