Iws Intelligent watering systems- FLood & Drain

Information is on the 6 pot version – picture is of the 48 pot system 

The IWS Flood and Drain System is a highly developed hybrid ebb and flow system, which works by flooding from the bottom of each individual 10.3 litre pot.

The system uses gravity to send water to the pots and only uses pumps to fill and drain the main 25 litre control bucket.This has two quality magnetic float valves mounted inside to control the power to the pumps in both the tank and the controller bucket.
These floats control the flood level in the growing medium precisely to stop any over watering or flooding.
As the water is forced through thegrowing medium, it expels all the stale air in the medium surrounding the root ball and replaces it with fresh oxygen as it drains away
The IWS Flood System from Intelligent Watering Systems is a refined modular flood and drain system which has hugely advanced the design of this type of system. Featuring sloped stands for each pot to ensure full drainage, large 9 Litre pots to house extensive root mass and modular controller design so that in the unlikely event of equipment failure it is simply a component change rather than a full system replacement – the IWS has really progressed flood and drain systems with the grower in mind. The modular pot design of the IWS allows you to move plants around the system to ensure even growth, it enables you to customise your plant layout to suit your room and it allows you to expand your system over time if desired. This truly is a flexible solution for growers of all abilities. Available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 Pot sizes
Each system contains: a reservoir – 100 Litre with 6 Pot, 190 Litre with 12 and 24 Pots and 350 Litre reservoir with 36 and 48 pot systems,
Pumps, Pot Sets (including inner and outer pot) with degree slope pot stands, Flexi-Pipe (1 metre for each pot), all irrigation fittings and full assembly instructions
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Growing Edge Technologies Nutrient Range Now in Store & Online!

About Growing Edge Technologies “G.E.T”

Growing Edge Technologies owner’s have been leading the industry since 1985 in the indoor gardening sector.
The two people responsible for our plant food’s, have over 60 years of practical experience in formulating and creating some of the best nutrient programs in the world.
We searched the globe high and low to find only the highest quality base ingredients for all our products
As all gardeners and growers know, a plants requirements for specific nutrients and micro-nutrients changes as the plant moves through their various cycles of growth. We paid particular attention to these changing demands and designed all our products to satisfy each stage of growth – from the seedling through to the final harvest.
We offer a full line of complete nutrient programs as well as additives and boosters to compliment one another. Our Let’s Garden plant food boasts a rigorous two part Grow and Bloom formulas for use in soil, soil-less and hydroponic gardening scenarios. We also offer a one part “Let’s Garden Series” which can be used as a stand alone food program in outdoor gardening applications and as a wonderful compliment to the full nutrient program of Let’s Grow and Let’s Bloom formulas. Whether a heavy or light feeding crop you will be guaranteed to find the proper balance within our product lines.
We welcome and encourage our customer’s questions and feed back, as it encourages us to strive to produce a superior product .
Remember look after your garden and your garden will look after you!.


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New Poducts Now in stock at hydrogrow uk

Hydrogrow uk have now added the following products to there range, in store and online!
Fairform 1 litre pythoff

Bcuzz premium plant powder soil hydro & coco
The Full growing edge technologies nutrient range! “G.E.T”
Rootit 50 pack of natural propagation sponges
Rootit coco coir and peat clamshell jiffy plugs – 36 pack
Canna D-block

All available online at http://www.hg-hydroponics.co.uk/
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Aero Garden – micro growing

The Future is here for indoor gardening!

The world’s first Kitchen Garden Appliance!

The AeroGarden is a revolutionary kitchen appliance – growing abundant harvests of garden-fresh lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, chili peppers and even flowers all year-round, right on the kitchen counter. (or your own choice of seed using the master seed kit)
The AeroGarden is surprisingly easy to use enabling anyone to succeed. Simply add water, drop in the pre-seeded grow plugs, turn it on and watch it grow. The system automatically turns the grow lights on and off and reminds you when to add water and nutrients. Germination is 100% guaranteed.
It has the footprint of a breadbox and it fits under most cabinets. 16x long, by 10 1/2x wide, by 15 1/2x high when it is first set up with the lights at the lowest possible level. When the plants have grown, and the lights are at their highest point, they reach 21x high.
  • Built-in plant lighting system is very energy-efficient
  • Plug’ n Grow Bio-Dome™ Seed System are dirt-free and pre-seeded
  • Aeroponic Optimizing Chamber creates a near-perfect rainforest growing environment
  • Each AeroGarden kit contains: AeroGarden Grow Unit, 2 daylight spectrum grow bulbs, Seed Kit with pre-seeded Bio-Dome™ seed pods, Time Release Nutrient Tablets and Manual.

Special Features of the AeroGarden PRO 100:
More food, faster. AeroGrow 100 uses computerized Adaptive Intelligence to continuously monitor plant growth and instantly adjust the nutrients, light cycle and water flow to give plants exactly what s needed at each stage of growth for earlier harvests and up to 50% more food.
In addition, since grow lights lose power over time before they actually burn out, it is important to replace your bulbs every 6 months. The Aerogarden includes a Grow Light Replacement System, to automatically remind consumers when it is time to replace the lights for continued optimum plant health and growth. All seed kits sold seperately!
Seed Kits -

(Master Seed Kit Allows You To Grow Your Seed Of Choice)
These units can be adapted to grow your own produce, but we also supply a range of re ready seed kits ready and waiting to be planted, the come ready in a seed pot and all you do is pop it in to the aerogarden and your away!
The Pro 100 Super Grow 24 hour light cycle lets the experienced gardener override the built in timer, which is maximized at 17 hours of light, to provide more light. This expands the possibilities for gardeners who may want to plant their owns seeds in conjunction with our Master Gardener Kit .
The master kit is the one you need if you want to put your own choice of seeds into the system…

Welcome to Hydro-Grow uk ltd & www.hg-hydroponics.co.uk Blog!

www.hg-hydroponics.co.uk Now stocks the full range of advanced Nutrients! They are probably the best nutrients money can buy, and come highly recommended with there money back guarantee! Give it a try and if your not happy with it you get your money back! We have personally tested these nutrients and the results are astonishing! We tried the organic nutrients such as iguana juice ones for our soil grow and sensi grow Grow and Bloom. We plan to shortly test the much hyped connoisseur by advanced nutrients so stay tuned for the results.