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Growers country wide now start to panic due to higher temperatures. The risk of getting Pythium for many forces them to reduce their harvest or give up altogether.

PYTH Tabz not only sterilizes the water on initial contact but remains working for you for 7 – 10 days giving more peace of mind that any spores evident in the grow room are instantly killed upon contact with the sterilized water.

Benefits of using Pyth Tabs

PYTH Tabz is 99.99% active against Pythium. These Tabz sterilize the entire water system giving the grower peace of mind that all fungi and bacterial pathogens are killed and no longer evident in the water.
Kills Pythium 99.99% of the time
Sterilises Water
Works for 7-10 Days

PYTH Tabz are offered in a course of 10 tablets. This will give approx. 2 weeks of vegetative and 8 weeks of flowering protection.

Each Tabz will treat up to 120 litres of water.

If using say 2 x GT604 (NFT) then one tab will treat both these tanks @ £2.50 per tank per week to the grower. Based on £50 rrp pack price

Not a bad price to ensure NO Pythium will be attacking their crop

Mist 3000 Humidifier £44.99



ULTRAMIST+3000 3LTR is an ultrasonic humidifier with a tank capacity of 3 litres. It controls automatically the vapor intensity and shutdown. With its orginal design and high efficiency it will control the right level of humidity needed for the plants.

Ultramist + 3000 Features

consumption: 38w
automatic regulation
warranty 1 year.

Rhino RC 1 Fan Speed Controller



Let Rhino do the work! The RC-1 thermostatically controlled, dual fan controller enables growers to create the ultimate two fan air exchange system. Intake and extraction fans will run at maximum speed to quickly establish desired temperature, once reached the fans will drop to a minimum idle speed ensuring the room is adequately ventilated and preventing air leaks.

Great Fan made by the famous “Rhino Filter”

Get Yours Today!

Infra Red Thermometer


Hydroponics and growroom digital infra red temperature meter. Just point and click, the lazer will then tell you what temperature the area you have pointed the device at is currently testing at. Great for checking for hot spots, monitoring/ checking temperatures in arkward hard to reach areas.

A great device for an even better price!

New Product!

A concentrated preparation of naturally occurring bacteria to promote plant and root health in hydroponics and soil/coir based systems.

Hardier plants can better resist bacterial and fungal infections that cause root rot. This specific mix of beneficial bacteria when added to your system make conditions unfavourable for the growth of fungi, outcompeting the fungi thus assisting the plant to fight back and regain health and encourage fresh root development.

Rot Stop (Roots) does not sterilise your root zone so your natural concentration on beneficial bacteria will not be harmed allowing the plant to recover quickly. Rot Stop (Roots) is a 100% Natural Product.

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