We are Transferring our Current News Blog to our website….


We are Transferring our Current News Blog to our website….

Just so you know, as of tonight, we will no longer be posting on this blog and will be now posting on the new built in blog that is on our website, you will find this under the “news” section/tab on our home page www.hg-hydroponics.co.uk or you can simply click here

Check it out for… reviews, new products, special offers, promotions, competitions and the latest news and information from around the globe.

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New look website in progress! Feedback appreciated? yes no?


We are currently in the process of updating and modernising our website Hg-hydroponics with a whole load of new features for 2013

Take a visit and tell us what you think, what features would you like to see? what do you like? what dont you like? whats your favourite hydroponics website and blog in terms of design and content, we want to make lots of improvements this year


Hg Hydroponics New Blog Now Active!

We have been working on bringing an all new feature ricch blog filled with the lates t products, information and reviews from around the world, honest  staff opinions on the best products from around the world giving you all the information you need to decide whats right for you and your environment.

We are also looking for people to review and write for the Hg Hydroponics Blog

Contact chrisaleman@hg-hydroponics.co.uk for info

Visit us at www.hg-hydroponics.co.ukhttp://www.hg-seeds.co.ukwww.hydrogrowuk.com

Budget PC Grow Room

Budget PC Grow Room

“Case & Light Package!



We are the sole maker and supplier of the ” Budget Pc Growroom!



! Our All New “BUDGET GROW ROOM” is the cheapest and smallest self contained growing system on the market! Grow one to three small plants from start to finish, with low hassle, low cost, less mess, and most importantly discreatly with rapid turn around times! Just add water and seeds!


The micro design of the PC Grow Box is breathtaking; inspired by something from terminator.


The PC Grow Box draws in and dispenses cold air out the rear of the pc this ensures your unit will always run cool, while your plants inside flourish; via a cool running, full dual spectrum floro lighting system.
The Pc Growroom is perfect for any one who wants to grow, or learn how to grow, or grows as a hobby, it is very cheap to run and maintain, Roughly around 50p a week! Due to the latest technology in lighting! no more expensive and dangerous hps bulbs!

The BUDGET PC GROWROOM is perfect for an expert or beginner, as a tutorial e-book and a tutorial dvd on growing and hydroponics are included in the package! But the main advantage of the pc growroom is that it it does 99% of the work for you! So if your going on holiday for 2 weeks then the pc growroom will look after and feed the plants for you!


The pc growroom has an optional remote control transmitter, so if you need to quickly neutralise all power to the unit it can be done so in an instant with a remote control key fob (optional upgrade)

The Budget pc is the biggest pc growroom available on the market to date! it is built Bult by trained tradesman!

be weary of cheap and unsafe imitations


£199.99 from www.hg-hydroponics.co.uk