We are Transferring our Current News Blog to our website….


We are Transferring our Current News Blog to our website….

Just so you know, as of tonight, we will no longer be posting on this blog and will be now posting on the new built in blog that is on our website, you will find this under the “news” section/tab on our home page www.hg-hydroponics.co.uk or you can simply click here

Check it out for… reviews, new products, special offers, promotions, competitions and the latest news and information from around the globe.

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New PolyShield Thermal Reflective Mylar


PolyShield Thermal Reflective Mylar 100m


PolyShield is a black and silver reflective thermal radiation reflective polypropylene sheet. It has advanced properties through infused metals which give it special properties that are highly reflective, completely light tight and stops infra red heat from being emitted, bouncing it back into the room. Ideal if you need to keep control of your growing environment. All of our high quality reflective sheeting are British Made and will maximise the use of the light in your grow room. Also used to cover floors, walls and ceilings.

Product Sizes:

100m x 1.25m

30m x 1.25m

10m x 1.25m



Mist 3000 Humidifier £44.99



ULTRAMIST+3000 3LTR is an ultrasonic humidifier with a tank capacity of 3 litres. It controls automatically the vapor intensity and shutdown. With its orginal design and high efficiency it will control the right level of humidity needed for the plants.

Ultramist + 3000 Features

consumption: 38w
automatic regulation
warranty 1 year.

New 300W CFL Bulbs £49.99



  • CFL lamps do not generate excessive heat and can be used directly over plants. This is the secret of growing with CFL lamps, positioned directly above, just 3 cm or 4 cm, the top of the plants! Unlike HID lamps, this new generation, grow lamps will not burn your plants.
  • * Self Ballasting Lamps – simple to install or wire
  • * Generates much less heat than sodium lamps
  • * Energy saving lamps give lower operating costs
  • * High Lumen Output
  • ~ Long Life Operation


PS1 Propagation Light Now Back In Stock!



The PS1 Propagation Light is Now Back in Stock!! Perfect propagation for everyday growing, Includes 4 mounting clips for under cupboard and/or vertical mounting + 4U Lamp (Terry) clips each with M4 nylon nut and bolt for attaching to or behind transparent and translucent materials.
The kit also comes supplied with 4 sucker pads for easy relocation of lights.
No need to drill holes for fixing bolts!