New Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter Range


Rhino are the world’s leading hydroponics air filter manufacturer. The brand new range of Rhino Hobby carbon filters are made with the same virgin Australian carbon as the premium Rhino Pro range: RC412, but they have a shorter lifespan. Rhino Hobby carbon filters feature a swappable bottom and duct-coupler and they should be turned around every 8-12 weeks to even out the wear ensuring the filters last for their full 9-12 months expected lifespan.

The carbon filters in the Rhino Hobby range do not last as long as those in the Rhino Pro range. Typically, a Rhino Pro carbon filter will last 2 years or more, and the ends never need to be reversed. A Rhino Pro carbon filter typically costs about 40-50% more than the equivalent Rhino Hobby carbon filter, but the Rhino Pro will last 100% longer making it a much more economical choice in the long-run: Rhino Pro Carbon Filter 4″ (100mm) x 12″ (300mm)

Rhino Hobby – the new budget range from the best maker of carbon air filters in the world
Reversible duct-coupling end – end should be swapped around with the bottom every 8-12 weeks for max lifespan
Lifespan: 9-12 months as long as filter is reversed every 8-12 weeks
Removes particles and odours from your grow-room
Made with 100% RC412 Australian virgin activated carbon – the best in the world
Aluminium housing for robustness and low weight
Fits onto 4″ (100mm) ducting or onto a 4″ (100mm) extractor with a 4″ (100mm) fast-clamp
Perfectly matches the RVK 4″ (100mm) extractor fan for size and air flow
Great for hobby hydroponics growers!

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Green Power Commercial 28 way Contactor



Greenpower Commercial 28-way Contactor Grow Light Controller
The Greenpower Commercial 28-way Contactor for controlling multiple banks of HID lights.

These units send power to your HID lighting ballast bank-by-bank, reducing the surge you get from HID lights on start up. Green Power commercial units use heavy duty contactors and delays which allow you to switch HID lighting on safely. Additional safety is provided by the world-renowned Grasslin timer which is powered by a quartz crystal back up and built-in trip fuses to provide extra protection against any power surges.

From start up; banks of four lighting units ignite with a 20 second interval between each bank of four lights.

NOTE: These units need to be wired in by a qualified electrician.

Greenpower Commercial 28-way operating loads:
28x 250watt light units
28x 400watt light units
28x 600watt light units
16x 1000watt light units

Maximum power load: 16800 watts.

Key Features:
- Built to Canatronics exacting standards under licence, known for many years as the benchmark in quality and reliability
- Heavy duty build with internal wiring
- Switchable sockets
- World renowned professional Grasslin timer
- Built to strict C.E. standards
- Rubberised HO7RNF cable resistant to light ray degradation
- Robust metal housing
- 2 year manufacturer’s warranty

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Mist 3000 Humidifier £44.99



ULTRAMIST+3000 3LTR is an ultrasonic humidifier with a tank capacity of 3 litres. It controls automatically the vapor intensity and shutdown. With its orginal design and high efficiency it will control the right level of humidity needed for the plants.

Ultramist + 3000 Features

consumption: 38w
automatic regulation
warranty 1 year.

Canna Full Nutrient Set £134.99



Canna Nutrient Set, Complete Canna Feeding schedule from start to finish, canna are a market leader and have long been one of the worlds most advanced nutrient companies .

Includes Canna Base nutrient ( soil Hydro or coco )
Canna Rhizotonic
Canna pk 13/14
Canna Cannazym
Canna Boost
Canna Flush

New 300W CFL Bulbs £49.99



  • CFL lamps do not generate excessive heat and can be used directly over plants. This is the secret of growing with CFL lamps, positioned directly above, just 3 cm or 4 cm, the top of the plants! Unlike HID lamps, this new generation, grow lamps will not burn your plants.
  • * Self Ballasting Lamps – simple to install or wire
  • * Generates much less heat than sodium lamps
  • * Energy saving lamps give lower operating costs
  • * High Lumen Output
  • ~ Long Life Operation